Prepare for the Best

                 May I ask you, our reader, a question?  Why are we so fearful and what are we really scared of?  The question is not so easy to answer.  When normal things in life happen to us, realistically they won’t affect our life in a major way.  Sometimes, our extreme emotional response to a perceived loss is not a reality that will benefit us.  Yes, the world will end one day.  Just not today, and probably not tomorrow.

                 Remember, our vision works independent of our natural faculties.  What our ears hear and what our eyes see (TV, media, etc....) may not be true at all.  Too many people read and watch too many things that are not, well, true, even though our belief in these tend to be unwavering.  So, utilizing our intuition independent of narrative may prove to have more of a positive effect and a better outcome.  Remember, though the length of time is over the last 95 years, the stock market is up over 25,000%!  Time heals wounds, not all, but most. 

                 Let’s start using our gifts to make great decisions and create good things.  We do have control over our thoughts and reactions.  Let’s choose to make positive outcomes, the best circumstances, and prepare for the best!

Posted September 25, 2023

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